Weed Tree Removal

Toronto has an overabundance of invasive weed trees causing habitat loss for more attractive and/or native species. In some cases, property damage can occur. If you have any of these trees on your property, you should have no qualms about having us take them down.  Contact Toronto Tree Removal today.

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Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)
This Chinese import is fast-growing, has invasive roots, spreads quickly, and is difficult to eradicate. It can grow right into your foundation if left unchecked.

Weed Tree Removal Toronto Tree of HeavenToronto Weed Tree Removal Tree of Heaven PictureTree Removal Toronto Tree of Heaven Chinese ImportToronto Tree Removal Remove Tree of Heaven

Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo)
Grows anywhere, spreads quickly, not very structurally sound.

Tree Removal Toronto Remove Manitoba MapleToronto Ontario Manitoba Maple RemovalRemove Manitoba Maple Toronto Ontario How to get rid of Manitoba Maple Tree TorontoToronto Ontario Tree Removal Manitoba Maple

Small-leaf Elm
Grows along foundation walls, along fence lines & etc. Not to be confused with the giant elms we all treasure so much.